Contact improvisation classes and workshops
Kosketusta kommunikaatioo / Communication through touch

Welcome to learn contact improvisation and communication through touch in a small group of max 6 people! I start two groups in September. You need to register to all 5 times.

Group 1  5 times on Thursdays at 16.00-18.00. / 27.9. / 4.10. / 11.10 / 18.10 / 25.10.
Group 2 5 times on Thursdays at 18.30-20.30 / 27.9. / 4.10. / 11.10. / 18.10. / 25.10

Price: 125€ – 225€ (according to your ability to pay)

Taidetila Virgiinia, Viipurinkatu 60, Helsinki

Register by September 14!
Let me know the amount you wish to pay as you register and I will send you the bill kaisa.liisa.kukkonen@gmail.com

We will learn and deepen the basic techniques of contact improvisation with concentrating on recognizing boundaries and communicating them to others with movement and words. We will move alone and together.
Touch and giving weight happens in contact improvisation with the whole body and at the course we get to know how the touch feels and how you can learn to regulate the body weight and use it for enjoyable and fun movement.

Open to all levels.

Private classes in Helsinki

If you wish to learn at your own pace and concentrate on the topics that are the most interesting to you, please book a private class! The price 40€ – 60€ depending on the duration and how many times we meet.
kaisa.liisa.kukkonen@gmail.com / 0414361793

Skiing on Skin – festival

I will teach classes about rolling, rolling, rolling… at the Skiing on Skin -festival 10-16.2. 2019.

Check the calendar for more events!



Video by Lucia Sánchez from New York and Skiing in Skin -festival.