Performances – workshops – contact improvisation jams



8.12. Improvisaatioillat: TRIOT + Pia Lindy soolo + Atmosfärg trio (Eero Savela, Tapani Varis ja Alf Forsman), Maunula-talo, Metsäpurontie 4, Helsinki, 19-21.

5.12. Improvisaatioillat: TRIOT + Nina Viitamäki soolo – two improvised performances, Forum Box, Helsinki, 19-20.

2.12. Improvisaatioillat: TRIOT – improvisation performance with Heini Nukari and Elina Hauta-Aho, Virgiinia, Helsinki, 14-15.

17.11. Maybe I will lay on your belly forever – sharing of a continuing progress of a performance with Diana Thielen, Altes Finanzamt, Berlin.

14.11. Score Jam – facilitation of a Berlin Score Jam. Score: “I am taking care that everything in the space is serving my dancing body, and I trust that everyone else is doing the same.”, Berlin.

26.8. Two trios A great collection of performers coming together for an evening of two trios. Trio with Heini Nukari and Elina Hauta-Aho, Forum Box, Helsinki.

11.10.-1.11. Contact improvisation is communication without words – workshop with Terhi Rasilo, Helsinki

6.9.-4.10.  Contact improvisation course on basic skills – Leaning and listening, Helsinki

24.-28.5. In Touch Festival Berlin, teaching a class with Nadja Schwarzenbach

26.4-17.5. Contact improvisation course on basic skills, Helsinki

25.2. Silent jam – solo dance, Zodiak Centre for New Dance

18.1-8.2. Contact improvisation course on basic skills, Helsinki

14.1. Music jam with Sergio Castrillon, Zodiak Centre for New Dance


26.11. Silent jam – Attraction,  Esitystaiteen Keskus

16.10-6.11. Saa sanoa, art work from Minna Heikinaho, Exhibition Laboratory

22.10. Silent jam – Shared space, own dance, Zodiak Centre for New Dance

10.8. Silent jam, Zodiak Centre for New Dance

26.8. Art Sport Quartet / work in progress / chor. Iiris Raipala / Outokumpu Dance Education

2.-7.8. Movement meditation at the Exhibition / National Museum 

30.7. We are Sisters / contact improvisation Demo in the Light hub, Järna 

25.6. Tyhjän sykli IV / dance improvisation performance with Katariina Vähäkallio, Raisa Vennamo / Petkeljärvi National Park

11.6. Blind Dance / one to one -performance with Gesa Piper / X Dance Festival – Edges of the Body / Cabel Factory

13.5. Art Sport Quartet Wrong side up – demo and a jam / Theatre school Helsinki

Tyhjän sykli IV, Petkeljärvi National Park 2016